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Hellenic Greenhouses (Chalkidiki)

ClientHELLENIC GREENHOUSES (CHALKIDIKI)Date1993ServicesConsulting | Greenhouse Management | TrainingShare

The Hellenic Greenhouses established as a Limited Company in 1991. The company’s headquarters was located in Agios Mamas, Chalkidiki, CEO of the company was Athanasios Balatsos.

The total area of greenhouses is 8,5 Ha (Agios Mammas, Zografou), which where grown tomatoes, long cucumber, lettuce and eggplant. At 1993 applied hydroponics cultivation on Grodan substrates.

The cultivation methods always based on preventive measures, good agricultural practices, and respect for the environment. As a direct consequence of these came the certification symfana unit with the requirements of national standard Agro 2.1-2.2.

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