Innovations & Novelties
  • 2013
  • Promoting Greening to Life – Sustainable living -2013-

    Οικία με Κάθετο Υδροπονικό Τοίχο στην Ψάθα Αττικής..

    Sustainable living One way DKG Group contributes to society is by promoting greening to life through IQ Greening Ltd, a company that provides green design hydroponic practices like Vertical Green Walls, Urban Farming, Roof Gardening and Green Sound absorbent Walls contribute to the sustainable development of the environment via a healthier and more sustainable urban living environment. Such considerable potential mechanisms of remedial urban greening are:
    • Improving building energy performance by reducing energy consumption
    • Improving air quality through pollution adsorption and oxygen generation
    • Mitigating the urban heat island effect
    • Improving visual amenity and increasing a buildings profile
    • Improving building lifespan
    • Cooling down temperatures inside and outside a building
    • Restoring a diverse ecology to urban areas
    • Recycling storm water and grey water
    • High frequency noise abatement
    • Improving the psychosocial health of a buildings occupants and the general public
    • Addressing the aesthetics of sustainability
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  • The 1st Vertical Hydroponic Vertical Wall Great Surface in Greece in Super Market DOUKAS in New Smyrna!!! -2013-

  • The 1st Greek snack tomato Tomaccini wins 1st place award -2013-

    1st place in the award category "Research & Development" has been taken by "TOMACCINI" as the first Snack Tomato in the Greek market. Tommacini received the prize as a joint award for the three companies that contributed to its creation; Hellenic Greenhouses SA, AB Vassilopoulos SA and DKG Consulting Ltd. The investment costs of this project reached 1.5 million Euro (1.5 Ha glasshouse construction, crop, marketing and packaging expenses). On Thursday, July 11, 2013, at Athens Intercontinental at a glittering ceremony attended by representatives of the major executives in the Retail Market Chains the Winners of the Self-Service Excellence Awards 2013 were announced.

     Chris D. Katsanos (DKG Group), Hercules Christodoulakis (AB Vassilopoulos) and Gregory Gerasimou (Hellenic Greenhouses ). TOMACCINI say the tomato grabbed the attention of the jury having been marketed as a fruit, with strong branding, as opposed to be placed in the vegetable category. The innovation points of Tomaccini according to the jury: •    Olive type snack tomatoes (7-10gr) •    Crunchy bite, avoiding too much juice in the mouth •    Sour-sweet instead of sweet taste •    Convenient packaging •    Clever exit hole •    Pay what you consume (pricing per unit not kilo) Read more   

  • 2012
  • The 1rst Photovoltaic (SOLAR) Glasshouse in Greece -2012-

    The 1rst Photovoltaic (SOLAR) Glasshouse, designed and developed by the AGROTECHNIKI Ltd and DKG Consulting Ltd in their joint innovation venture LIVE CELL®, with the know-how of the Italian company Artigianfer Srl and the NRGAZ photovoltaic expertize (Schüco), was completed last week in Thessaloniki, Greece. The project belongs to KBM Plants (Karavasilis) a well-known floriculture and pot plants producer and trader. The special specifications of the solar glasshouse have as following: - Place: Thessaloniki, Greece - Total area: 3.000 m2 - Height to gutter: 5 m - Top cover material: Glass (securit) and Photovoltaic panels - Side cover : Insect-proof net - Electricity power: 100 KW The module allows photovoltaic equipment to coexist with flower crops. What is more, it acts as an element for the seasonal control of the radiation and interior temperature of the greenhouse, apart from constituting additional support for the entrepreneur’s economic activity through the sale and/or private use of the energy obtained. “We are very happy for the completion of this project since it was a team work and all the involved parties contributed their maximum” stated Mr. Apostolos Strogilis, Technical Director of Agrotechniki Ltd. “This project is part of our Innovation joint venture between Agrotechniki and DKG Consulting. The know-how series cover Live Cell Greenhouse, Live Cell biomass, Live Cell Photovoltaic Greenhouse and Live Cell Garden Centers. Now we are working hard on Live Cell Urban Farming module where we believe the demand for such solutions will be intense in the near future“ stated Mr. Christos D. Katsanos, Executive Director of the DKG Group of Companies & Initiatives. Fore more photos please click here

  • 2010
  • Friends of Xinomavro – A new concept for the promotion of Wine

    Η τοποθεσία (Ροδοχώρι), η Ποικιλία (Ξινόμαυρο), το Αμπέλι της κλωνικής επιλογής, το Οινοποιείο (ΑΡΓΑΤΙΑ) οδήγησαν στη δημιουργία ενός Κορυφαίου Ποικιλιακού Κρασιού - το Ξινόμαυρο της ΑΡΓΑΤΙΑΣ. Η Χαρούλα και ο Παναγιώτης -ιδρυτές της ΑΡΓΑΤΙΑΣ- μαζί με το Χρήστο πάνω σε μία οινογευστική συζήτηση αποφάσισαν να καλέσουν κοντά τους ανθρώπους που έχουν την ίδια φιλοσοφία για τη ζωή, λατρεύουν το Ξινόμαυρο, τους αρέσει να συνεργάζονται και να μοιράζονται τις εμπειρίες τους. Κάπως έτσι φτιάχτηκαν το 2010 "Οι Φίλοι Του Ξινόμαυρου".

  • 2006
  • The launce of EUREPGAP΄s General Regulations in Greek -2006-

    The Translation & Localisation Dept. of DKG Consulting Ltd in collaboration with TUV HELLAS/AGRISYSTEMS Dept., keeping their commitment for high quality and reliable services, they've delivered to the public the "General Regulations" (last document of EUREPGAP protocol on Fruits and Vegetables) completing in such a way the translation in Greek language the whole series of the documents. You can download these documents from EUREP's web site ( free of charge. The EUREP appreciating the contribution and the professionalism of DKG/TUVHELLAS team, assigned also the translation of its IFA (Integrated Farm Assurance) documents. The translation of these particular documents constitutes a useful tool for those who are involved in the implementation and Certification according to EUREPGAP protocol within the chain of agricultural production (farmers, advisers, certification bodies, exporters etc) in Greece and Cyprus.

  • 2001
  • Hydroponic Method Extended to 16 Crops in Greece -2001-

    At the beginning of the millennium with the establishment of the consulting company DKG Consulting Ltd, Grodan hydroponic method extended to 16 crops, in horticulture (tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber long, cucumber short, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce, strawberry, parsley) and in floriculture (rose, gerbera, carnation, chrysanthemum, anthurium, gypsophilia) products throughout Greece.

    In the first decade of the new millennium, the hydroponic method Grodan has expanded significantly in the Balkan countries, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt since the DKG Consulting Ltd became the Authorized Grodan Development Agency in these countries.

  • 1992
  • Natural Pollination by Bumble Bees

    DKG Group has a rich history of innovation in the greenhouse industry. Our people’s twenty years of experience is followed by many significant achievements like branded products (Prima, Lucia, Drama, Tomaccini), hydroponic cultivation method, natural pollination by bumble bees, beneficial organisms use instead of pesticides, climate 46management by computers, special packing house and renewable fuel (olive core) for heating. Use bumble bees to help encourage natural plant pollination, which helps produce the perfect size and shape of their tomatoes

  • The First branded Tomato – Prima Greenhouses -1992-

    Τα Θερμοκήπια Κερκύρας ΑΕ (Prima Greenhouses SA) απ΄το 1990 εως το 1999 αποτέλεσαν μία από τις πρωτοπόρες επιχειρήσεις παραγωγής κηπευτικών στον Ελλαδικό Χώρο, αφήνοντας ανεξίτηλα το στίγμα τους στον Κλάδο των Θερμοκηπίων (Greenhouse industry).Prima Tomatoes Στα τέλη του '80 η Κοινωνική Επιχειρηματικότητα βρισκόταν στην άνοιξή της. Στην Κέρκυρα, διάφοροι μικροί και μεγάλοι επιχειρηματίες συντόνισαν τις δυνάμεις τους ιδρύοντας δύο επιχειρήσεις. Η μία αφορούσε την αγορά ενός επιβατηγού καραβιού (Άγιος Σπυρίδωνας) με δραστηριοποίηση στην πορθμειακή γραμμή Κέρκυρα-Ηγουμενίτσα και η άλλη ήταν η επένδυση σε καθετοποιημένη θερμοκηπιακή εκμετάλλευση με το όνομα PRIMA GREENHOUSES.   Η κατασκευή ενός θερμοκηπίου έχει σκοπό να επιτύχει μέσα στους χώρους του συνθήκες της 5ης εποχής, δηλαδή μιας συνεχούς Άνοιξης! Από εκεί προήλθε και η έμπνευση του ονόματος της επιχείρησης. Η ιταλική λέξη PRIMA αντιστοιχεί στην ελληνική λέξη ΑΝΟΙΞΗ, εξ ου και το όνομα της επιχείρησης σε ...PRIMA GREENHOUSES.

    Οι θερμοκηπιακές εγκαταστάσεις αφορούσαν μία υαλόφρακτη μονάδα έκτασης 25.000 τμ και μίας με πλαστική κάλυψη έκτασης 4.000 τμ., λίγα χιλιόμετρα από το χωριό Αη Μαθιάς στη νότια Κέρκυρα, αποτελώντας τη μεγαλύτερη σε έκταση επιχείρηση στον ελλαδικό χώρο!

    Οι επενδυτές ενωμένοι κάτω απ΄την ηγεσία του αείμνηστου Κώστα Πουλημά (Πρόεδρος ΔΣ) και του Παύλου Τζαρουγκιάν (Δ/νων Σύμβουλος) κατάφεραν να φτιάξουν μια μονάδα πρότυπο για την εποχή τους εισάγοντας μια σειρά από Καινοτομίες.
    • Υδροπονία
    • Ολοκληρωμένη Καταπολέμηση (IPM)
    • Βιολογική Γονιμοποίηση
    • Ανανεώσιμη ενέργεια
    • Marketing
  • Bring hydroponics in Greece -1992-

    The DKG Group has its roots in the early 90s. The main shareholders substantially brought hydroponics in Greece either by introducing Grodan rockwool substrates or experiencing hydroponic tomato and cucumber cultivation technology extensively as cultivators. Also in many innovations Grodan were key factors. PRIMA S.A_Photo 7